How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Going? Exploring the Intersection of Mental Health and Criminal Justice: A Look At The Past and a Plan For Our Future

Introduction It is a tremendous honor to be extended the opportunity to talk with the readers of Psychalive about the intersection of mental health and criminal justice. My career has allowed me entry into correctional, policy, and not for profit settings. This has provided the chance to learn from field experts about the realities of… Read more »

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VIDEO: Dr. Donald Meichenbaum on Reducing Recidivism

Dr. Donald Meichenbaum explores how to stop the “revolving door” of the prison system. Order the Full DVD Interview: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach on Aggression In this DVD, Dr. Donald Meichenbaum discusses violence and aggression, from origin to treatment. Dr. Meichenbaum draws upon his wealth of experience to articulate both how violent individuals are created and… Read more »

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