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Mental Health Making a Lasting Impact in the New Decade

With the first few weeks of the new decade already underway, lawmakers across the nation have been urging for change in an area that historically has been overlooked: mental health.  Efforts both big and small have already been put into action, fostering a hope that with the turning of the new year, a larger importance… Read more »

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Why the Women’s March Felt SO Good: A Neurochemical Perspective

Before Reading Note: I ask you to read this article with an open mind. The neurochemical reactions described here apply to you and your brain, regardless of any political ideation. I don’t hide my political views, but I also don’t ask you to agree with them. I simply ask that, if you choose to read… Read more »

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Memorial Day: An Opportunity to Reach Out to Veterans

Memorial Day was established as a day for honoring and acknowledging all of the men and women who have died serving the United States. And in this past decade, there have been many. For those who we’ve lost, we can offer remembrance. But now is also a time to call attention to the thousands of… Read more »

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