comfort zone

VIDEO: Dr. Allan Schore on Hypo-Arousal, Hyper-Arousal, Dissociation and the Inability to Take in Comfort

Watch an excerpt from PsychAlive’s interview with Dr. Allan Schore. Dr. Allan Schore talks about hypo-arousal, hyper-arousal, dissociation and the inability to take in comfort. Dr. Allan Schore: It’s pretty clear that, you know, that the externalizing pathologies go more towards the males, the internalizing psycho-pathologies go more toward the females.  So that you have more… Read more »

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Addicted to Doomed Relationships?

If we were asked, as an exercise, to craft a personal ad detailing what we want in a partner, it may read something like: Seeking someone who is kind and patient, independent yet loving, laid back, yet energetic. Someone who is confident but isn’t afraid to laugh at him/herself. Someone attractive but down to earth…. Read more »

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