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Sex and Love in Intimate Relationships

…n in the relationship. They explain how secondary defenses, in the form of critical internal “voices,” support negative views of one’s self and of one’s partner, interfering with closeness and intimacy. In clear language and conceptualization and through the liberal use of case material from therapy sessions, the authors show how individuals can be helped to overcome these challenges and become physically and emotionally closer to their partners….

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Is Sexual Stereotyping Affecting Your Relationship?

…he felt this observation to be a source of security. Other times, she felt critical toward her husband, perceiving him as cold or uncaring. Then, one day, her husband got sick and needed to be taken care of. In this state, he became more expressive of his emotions. The woman found herself feeling a mixed sense of relief at his openness and anger at his perceived “weakness.” This contradiction of her reactions made her aware of how the stereotype s…

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A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach on Aggression: An Interview with Donald Meichenbaum

…nally, Dr. Meichenbaum has authored numerous books that have received much critical acclaim in his field, including Cognitive Behavior Modification: An Integrative Approach. In this DVD, Dr. Donald Meichenbaum discusses violence and aggression, from origin to treatment. Dr. Meichenbaum draws upon his wealth of experience to articulate both how violent individuals are created and the thoughts that drive violent behavior. Dr. Meichenbaum advocates e…

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