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Maureen Sullivan

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Maureen Sullivan is a writer for PsychAlive and has been on the staff of The Glendon Association, a nonprofit that promotes mental health education, since 2003. As a creative artist, healing is Maureen’s purpose. In addition to writing non-fiction, screenplays, sketch comedy, poetry and short stories, she expresses through acting, dance, videography, music and other visual and performing arts. A social justice advocate, Maureen possesses extensive non-profit business and community volunteer experience, and has studied psychology, wellness, mediation and mindfulness to foster physical and emotional healing for self, family, community and world. She has a BA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.

Compulsive Liars: The Truth About Lying

“You’re a despicable liar!” These words, shouted by my 11-year-old cousin, John, were etched into my mind some forty years ago. Not because they stung, but because I was so struck by John’s impressive use of the word “despicable,” and ...

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Empathy: How It Can Help Us All Right Now

In the aftermath of the most contentious election in recent history, many people are talking about the need for empathy in order to heal our divided nation. Facebook posts are flying around that charge us to rise above the rancor ...

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Living Mom’s Life?

“I think I want to be good.”  A warm tear rolls down my cheek.  My ten-year-old and I are watching the climactic scene of Descendants, a new movie from Disney Channel.  The girl uttering this revelation is Mal, daughter of ...

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